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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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made for mines. pope francis is here in myanmar and his visit couldn't come at a more crucial time in more than six hundred thousand muslim or hinge i have fled the country to escape from what many are calling ethnic cleansing will the pope find the right words to address their plight without deepening the religious and ethnic divides that are tearing me and mark hard for full coverage of the pope's visit join us here on d w news. this is d w news wyvern from berlin tonight protest in kenya as the president is
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sworn in for a second term to applause from thousands of supporters you who can yawn the promises to unite the country even as police tear gas opposition protesters they say the election was illegitimate also coming up what the pope did not say pope francis needs me and more leader aung sang suu kyi calling for respect for all ethnic groups but he avoids the term row hinge. also coming up a shock in germany as a small town mayor is the victim of a knife attack. in known for his welcoming stance on refugees says he owes his life to members of the public who rushed to save him. i'm good. have you with us we have some breaking news coming in north korea has
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fired a ballistic missile here's what we know south korean military sources reportedly saying that an unidentified missile was fired eastward from an area north of the capital pyongyang though it says u.s. and south korean officials are analyzing the trajectory of the walks we also understand that the u.s. has confirmed it was a ballistic missile launch we will have more for you as details come in but again breaking news here a ballistic missile launch from north korea it's a kenya now and a presidential inauguration full of pageantry and protests after months of election drama kenya's president you are can yatta has been sworn in for a second term during the ceremony police clashed with opposition protesters who say kenyatta his presidency is illegitimate reports say at least two people were killed
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mr kenyatta one october's rerun presidential election which was boycotted by the opposition. it was an inauguration ceremony meant to quell any doubts about who was in charge. with all the trappings of state power to rule kenyatta took the oath of office surrounded by thousands of adoring supporters. that i will protect and up for the so ranty still run its integrity integrity and the dignity of the people of kenya and dignity of the people of kenya so help me god so all have all right but a few kilometers away another fast demonstration of support for this man. he says he's the legitimate president. as we said next
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month on december twelfth we will have a people's assembly that will swear me into office. but as he spoke police moved in to break up the demonstration. the rifle shots that rang out dashed any hopes that today's inauguration would mean an end to the months of election unrest. and we want to go now to our correspondent catherine wando in nairobi good evening to you catherine so opposition leader of being a boycott of the rerun and held a rally today the day that the president was being sworn in is he able to put any pressure on the government at this point. he can and he can't of the same time given the fact that now constitutionally and by law
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kenya has a president and a deputy president therefore there's really no space for him in terms if you think about it legally but then when you talk about the crowds or the his the number of his supporters which some people put at two quarters of the population then he could pressure the government into doing something but then this would only be told will only come for over time in the next couple of days we have a lot of people who are supporting him saying that he will be sworn in. which is that and now we're talking about secession if if you know if it goes further than that so these are the topics that he has his announcement has brought up and another issue that is being looked at by most kenyans is proof police brutality now that most things have calmed down pressure is now the opposition is now considering you know placing charges of atrocities on this government given that
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since two thousand the twenty sixth of august we have had ten children killed among those killed the scores killed by police during protests so. we have to wait and see how the issue plays out. word to declare himself president what would happen then it will be talking about more violence in the country. we could see more violence we could see more protesters going out on the streets you're seeing hardened youth who you see it feels feel like they have nothing to lose so we will see more protests on the streets we will see more dissent among his supporters but then we'll also see conversations which at first it wasn't such a big deal but now seems to be a big deal disassociation issue where kenyans are now talking about dividing the country and you know from central kenya to western kenya to coastal kenya so that
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you know they can live in the democracies that they want so that that's that's basically what the situation is bringing about and what about after the inauguration and what did president kenyatta what did he have to say about overcoming these political divisions well he did give. an olive branch to the opposition saying that he is ready to discuss and ready to incorporate their visions into the government that he will only do that in the capacity as a president so if opposition leader raul loading goes to join the government he will join the government and obviously a lot of capacity and this opposition supporters they don't support this they feel that they usually have to go into another election to get a valid validly elected leader and also a lot of people say that the president didn't do enough to bridge the gap or the correspondent catherine i'm wondering reporting tonight from nairobi can thank you
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very much for it was tipped to be the high point of pope francis's visit to me in mar an address in the capital alongside on songs you cheat attention was focused on whether the pope would mention the euro hinge a crisis by name as he has in the past now the term or hinge is usually controversial in me and mar where the majority of the population refers to or hinge or as being garwood regarding them as illegal immigrants from bangladesh. as pope francis arrived in myanmar he carried with him the hopes of millions around the world even allowing for a small stumble as he disembarked this was a chance for the head of the catholic church to go face to face with those accused of ethnically cleansing mean mars minority moves from population nor does the ranger during his meeting with the country's de facto leader and son suchi the pontiff called for peace but he failed to mention the word many wanted to hear
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ranger that the country's buddhist leadership project. a month in the. form that the future of myanmar must be piece. by. piece based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of society. respect for each ethnic group and its identity that. critics say he has caved to pressure from his hosts the chart says it fear the country's catholics would face in temptation the likes of which is known to the range of most of them for more than a year hundreds of thousands of them have fled their homes amid violence looting and attacks many end up living in squalor. later this week pope francis will hear their stories himself when he visits
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a refugee camp in neighboring bangladesh. and here's over the other stories now that are making headlines around the world ireland's deputy prime minister has resigned france's fitzgerald's departure means the country will probably avoid a government collapse and snap elections which could have complicated breaks it talks between britain and the european union opposition parties have been demanding that ms fitzgerald step down over her role in a police whistle blowing scandal authorities on the indonesian island of bali have renewed their calls for residents to leave the area amid fears that eruptions from a volcano could become more violent mount has been shooting massive columns and smoke four kilometers into the sky a european union decision to extend the license for the controversial weed killer the life you say could end up complicating german chancellor angela merkel's efforts to form a new government now the problem is that
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a minister in miracles conservative party made a unilateral decision to vote for the why since extension without the support of the government's current coalition partners that was a big mistake. christiane schmidt has fallen out of favor the german agricultural minister and conservative c.s.u. politician singlehandedly voted for the weed killer glaive in the e.u. even though germany had been expected to abstain chancellor merkel expressed her disapproval of the minister's behavior. and often this did not conform to directives prepared by the federal government in terms of the issue itself in contrast to hendrix i'm more on mr schmidt side but the behavior does not correlate with what is stipulated in the government's rules of procedure was the goal for. the hendricks is environment minister and merkel's cabinet she's a social democrat who firmly opposes the use of life force eight hendricks believes
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the herbicide damages the environment and could cause cancer for her the c.s.u. minister's yes vote in brussels is a breach of trust just when the s.p.d. and the conservatives were supposed to negotiate a grand coalition when it comes live and often when the chancellor is saying we want to enter open talks and the s.p.d. is moving cautiously towards their front as big as this neve and if it weren't for say our but something else then it's not as and you. would still be ridiculous. for the greens because jan schmidt is no longer viable form after macro simply cannot look away from the fact that mr schmidt has disregarded the government's rules of procedures and behave so scandalously if mr schmidt doesn't resign of his own free will and mackel would be expected to respond accordingly and seat merkel probably will not go that far but she has stressed that such episodes must not be
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repeated zones this on the wide successful cooperation within the federal government will not be possible to move a new government for germany is not yet in sight and the debate over life is not making cooperation attempts any easier. for the german chancellor says that she is horrified by a knife attack on a local mayor known for his migrant friendly policies now the attack happened on monday evening in a restaurant in western germany the mayor and dreyfus host don was taken to the hospital but later released also dying says he thinks the attacker was motivated by his progress u.g. stanton's in two thousand and fifteen host time was awarded an integration prize after he took in more refugees than required under a government quota. w.'s rebecca my it was in the town of alternate today gauging the reactions of local residents to the
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attack on the mayor here's what she said. all of them are united in saying that the violence against their mayor is absolutely uncalled for but some were blessed surprise than others about the attack in this and this quiet town some have said that they are very that they've been very disappointed with the policies that the mayor has put through not only with refugees but also they feel that he has not been able to revive this sleeping and and demographically dying town one of the mayor's main goals by by taking on more refugees than than the quotas actually were supposed to give this town back in two thousand and fifteen was to help boost the demographics to get more people into the empty apartments here but two years later now the residents are saying they're not seeing the changes what was one of the more interesting things also about this case is that in the stone a lot and where and the and the cup obs shop where the mayor went into two workers
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came and rushed to his aid one of them was the owner of of the shop and as well his as his son and they both sustained injuries as well the mayor himself came by and delivered a large bouquet of roses to the two men who are credited with saving his life from the sale and who has been detained all right and here is a quick recap of our top story president you were kenyatta of kenya has been sworn in for a second term at a ceremony in the capital nairobi and despite this the country's political crisis has continually police used tear gas to get supporters of the opposition leader why look they say the presidential election was illegitimate. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see that.


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